Public transport for mountain bikers

Posted by Paul​ Walton on November 23, 2008 0 comments

A while ago I went on holiday with my family in the Scarborough area, taking my bike with me. Knowing that Dalby Forest was down the road, actually a long way down the road! I thought I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Once arriving at my home for the next week I started to plan my day at Dalby Forest. I soon discovered that getting to the Dalby Forest trail center would be a long hard slog due to the fact their was no public transport for mountain bikers.

The day of my ride to Dalby Forest was a long hard 56 mile trip up Spikers Hill into Wykeham Forest and somehow onto the north to sea route towards Dalby Forest. When I finally got to the trail center I had nothing left for some fun riding so I freshened up and made a beeline back home which turned out to be an expedition of the area, never again!

The result of this ride led me to ranting about public transport and how not being able to get from Scarborough to Dalby or York to Dalby using public transport with a mountain bike. I know with all the car drivers these days the need for public transport has declined, and you can travel by bus! But what about with a bike? Not just a bloody fold up one!

I've heard reports about some area's having shuttle buses for bikes. Why not in all area's? Maybe people will be more inclined to leave their cars at home if public transport served bikers needs better. I also think that trains need to better serve bikes than what they do now.
Welsh trains are pretty good for bikes because they still use the old carriages with lots of space. All we get is a box or share with wheelchairs which, in some cases, take priority over the bikes.
Great, I pay my fair, get on the train, and at the next stop 2 or 3 wheelchairs get on. What am I suppose to do? Get off the damn train! It's crazy, not everyone has a car or wants to drive a car even if they do! So more needs to be done to better serve these peoples needs!

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