Hydraulic vs cable disk brakes

Posted by Paul​ Walton on January 03, 2009 0 comments

Over the years reading internet reviews and magazines I made the transition from cable disk brakes to hydraulics thinking that I needed them and they would improve bike performance, how wrong I was! Now don't get me wrong I'm not going to knock them because in the right situation they are a fantastic brake to have on your bike!

Considering the location in which I live, trails I have to ride, and the whole area is farm land with "GOD DAMN THORNS EVERYWHERE". The last thing I need is to be realigning my brake calliper every time I whip the wheel out!

Not so long back I went to Afan forest and at that time I'd be using Shimano Deore cable disk bakes with Avid speed dial 7 levers. omg, MY FINGERS ARE KILLING ME! What I wouldn't give for a set of hydraulics right now.

As I am an XC/trail rider on mostly natural terrain, I shouldn't have any need for hydraulics. But I got drawn into the hype and got some LX due to the fact they were the cheapest entry level hydraulic disk brake I could get my hands on. After about 3 rides I got rid of them because of the dreaded brake rub.

I purchased my first full susser you see on the right of this page. It came with Avid juicy 5s, peach of a brake until the piston sticks on the front, again causing brake rub. After some wasted time and £28 for Avid bleeding kit I binned them and bought some, "my pride and joy". Avid bb5 cable disk brakes, and some black graphite Avid 7 levers, these babies rock! OK their not hydraulic and don't initiate as well as hydraulic, but they come pretty damn close, and no brake rub!

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