it's a state of mind

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When it comes to any sort of exercise it's all in the state of your mind. And although mountain biking is just a hobby to me,, it is exercise and therefore no different to anything else. Get into the right state of mind for exercise with your bike and you will find yourself improving your speeds, distances and therefore get more enjoyment out of your riding.

The key thing to remember is not to give up because of the weather, just adapt to it and to what your doing. On cold miserable wet days get those hill climbs in so that in the good weather you don't find yourself struggling and giving up.
Fun has to to be the key element in all that you do. If you stop enjoying yourself then you'll simply give up. What's the point doing something you do not enjoy!

Make sure that whatever goals you set yourself are not impossible. Hard is good as it gets you working more, but keep it realistic. Make sure you do not set goals you cannot achieve, as you will become disheartened.
When you achieve a goal don't just leave it and move on to the next, there's always room for improvement, even if it's only knocking a second off your time.

Don't forget the pleasure when you're trying to better yourself and take time out every so often doing what's already been conquered, or just take the kids out with you. Leisure and pleasure is just as good as goals and achievements. So keep it balanced and your state of mind calm!

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