Nutrition for a mountain biker

Posted by Paul​ Walton on January 03, 2009 0 comments

What is nutrition for a mountain biker? I think that nutrition is a different case for each and every one of us. As it all depends on health, lifestyle, and tolerances to food. It could be a case that you have diabetes or you eat at different times, ie: if you work nights like me, or you like some foods but they do not agree with you and make you feel sick. All these things have to be taken into account when you create a nutrition plan.

I tend to stay clear of nutrition plans because I cannot stick to them and I'm hooked on too much junk food. Saying that, I can limit myself on certain types of foods and only eat them if I feel the need to.
All food is good in moderation, and so is fluid. By having nutrition plans you end up having too much of one thing and not enough of another causing an imbalance in your diet.

Some things I like to eat and drink are:

wine gums/hard gums
diet coke

4 things in that list have a bad effect on my digestive system and can ruin my riding. Crisps cause me to cramp up and give me constipation. Wine gums & hard gums, with them being sweets and high in sugar, make me irritable causing lack of sleep.
Beer and diet coke have the same effect, of bloating and cause lack of breath on the trails. As long as I stay clear/limit the amount of these things I consume, and eat/drink normally, ie: a good balanced meal and drink water,juices on a regular basis I'll be fine. In conjunction with my drinking and eating habits, I take supplements on a daily basis.
These include:

1 cod liver oil
1 multivitamin/mineral
1-2 amino acid for sports.

I hope this article has helped somehow and maybe give you some insight into your personal diet and highlight some problem area's,

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