Padded shorts or a quality saddle

Posted by Paul​ Walton on January 03, 2009 0 comments

Padded shorts or a quality saddle? I've been asking my self this question for some time now and until recently I could not make up my mind. It occurred to me that the only way to answer my question was to try different products. So off I went on my journey to find those padded shorts or that quality saddle.

My journey started with padded shorts. That ended up me being out of pocket, and with a sore arse!

Remember the post about me going on holiday with my family and riding out to Dalby Forest? Well that day I had a pair of brand new Lycra skinnies on and after 56 miles of torture, they left me the biggest horse shoe shaped sore on my backside you could ever imagine! Safe to say that it took some time for me to get my arse back in order.

I have been through quite a few pairs of different shorts since then, 1 of which was a pair of black with white covered double stitching 3/4 length Endura Lycra. Worst buy ever as I had to get my wife take to the pad out just so I could wear them.
After a whole host of others I decided to pursue a quality saddle and ditch padded shorts altogether.

My journey on saddles began with a bikehut crotchless saddle with thick padding. Not a bad saddle if you have a big arse, skinny legs, and need somewhere to cradle your crown jewels. So I started looking at the more expensive saddles and came across a selle itallia SLR, I got as far as sitting on it and sent the bloody thing back!

After a couple of the more expensive saddles I decided that enough was enough and went back down to the cheaper options at my local bike store. After 20 minutes looking up and down a wall I found the saddle that might fit the bill.(or in this case the arse!)
A Selle royal Dardo men's gel saddle at £15, sod it what have I got to lose? I'll take it! I now have 2 bikes and 2 of the same saddles that can be ridden in comfort for a fair few miles without the need of padded shorts. Sometimes it pays to look at the lower end of the market instead of looking at the new fan dangled options such as Chamois Cream.

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