Pump is my favourite piece of kit

Posted by Paul​ Walton on January 03, 2009 0 comments

Have you got a favourite piece of kit that you never leave home without? Well I have. Every time I go out on my bike I never ever forget to take my pump, and I'm not talking about those stupid pocket sized pumps either! No, it's the old long thin type pumps with a valve connector.

I have 2 connectors, 1 Presta and 1 Schrader from bike hut. Most of you will probably be using the mini pumps, on cold wet days; good luck with that! I stay well clear of the bloody things as I feel that they are just another worthless space saver that does not work "good enough" when your out on epic rides.

Yeah I can hear those of you argue the fact that they are the best thing since sliced bread. But come on, you can get more air out of a good old fashioned, early morning bottom burp than what you can get out of one of those mini pumps!

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