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Posted by Paul​ Walton on January 12, 2009 0 comments

I read somewhere about running when your unable to get out on your bike, I can understand why but would not take this up myself. Running can increase your fitness, increase your muscle mass and increase endurance. Problem is it can reek havoc on your joints such as your knees, hips and ankles.
On a personal note, apart from me not being able to walk without looking like I shit myself for a week, I think the con's out weigh the pro's of running.

Running is good but it does have a bad effect on your joints, and they say that impact on your joints can be minimized by running on softer ground. This is quite true, I have lots of fields to run across and around but don't fancy falling down rabbit holes or getting a sprained ankle through running on uneven ground. You don't see Olympic distance runners running across fields let alone pounding the concrete do you? No they run on stadium tracks that are sprung! something not easily accessible to the like of us.

I have found a much safer way of running without any impact on my joints, a "TRAMPET". It's a small round trampoline that my missus uses for "aerobic" work and to help with her trampolining, I kinda feel a right dick on it. But remind myself of my boxing days and shadow boxing, it's no different really. I can use ankle weights to work my muscle, a skipping rope for endurance/fitness and a combination of the both, my missus says there is more to it than just jogging but I will just stick with this for now!!! The best thing is it's free from the elements and pain!

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