Shimano cranks and bottom brackets used and reviewed -

Posted by Paul​ Walton on January 02, 2009 0 comments

Shimano cranks and bottom brackets I've used include Deore tapered and splined, XT, (currently in use). I'm going to review these items for you as follows.. Shimano Deore with a tapered bottom bracket was my first system and I found it to be a very poor crank indeed. The crank itself was very week and should not be used for more than canal towpaths. Frequently I would find rivets missing from the crank after every other ride, bearing in mind I took it trail riding. Also the tapered crank squeaked and creaked under pedal load, more so when the weather was hot and dry so lubing it was almost constant. So my next step was Deore splined unit as this was affordable.

The Deore splined cranks are very good and quiet under pedal load. As a very aggressive rider pushing big gears most of the time these cranks suited my needs. Allowing me to go harder and faster without the aggravation of pedal induced noise.

Due to the fact that I like a little air time whilst on the trails, (nothing big just small jumps, stumps, that sort of thing), problems started to arise! When I was out and hit a little mound on the trail, taking me a few inches off the ground,
I heard a loud creak (upon landing) coming from the cranks. Luckily I was homebound so ignored it and inspected the problem when I got back.
Upon inspection I found that the chainset rivets had worked loose, 2 of which had cracked and needed replacing. Needless to say that every time I went out the rivets would work loose.

Once money allowed I went out and got an XT chainset fitted and I never looked back as it is solid as a rock, coping with everything I've thrown at it.
The only bad thing I can say about it, is the bottom brackets are very poor from Shimano. Supposedly the bottom brackets have sealed bearings. Funny how after a couple of months the bearings seized up through water getting in.
What really griped me was having to replace the whole bottom bracket because the bearings alone could not be obtained, £30 repair bill! I was told to keep the bearings greased up after going out on wet rides, who the hell wants to take the chainset and bottom bracket apart all the time after going out on wet rides to grease the bearings up!
If the "sealed" bearings are that bad, wouldn't it be viable to have some kind of grease injection port like some more expensive full suspension bikes have?. Maybe I'll go out and buy a Hope bottom bracket thats compatible as their bearings are replaceable!

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