What? No helmet!

Posted by Paul​ Walton on January 03, 2009 0 comments

They look so ridiculous don't they, a helmet I mean? I really do not understand why anyone would want to wear something so stupid on one's head! Safety does come into it to a certain extent, but generally they are restrictive, uncomfortable and pointless.
There are pro's and cons to helmets but are they really that safe to wear? If they are, why is it not compulsory to wear one like it is to have a stupid black bell on your bike?

To begin with I use to wear a helmet because most mountain bikers/cyclists were wearing one, the "in thing". But started to think after a few uncomfortable rides and falling off whilst going through my clipped in pedal stage. If your going to fall off a bike riding down a road the first thing you do is slam your front brake on, "instinctively". This will cause you to do an endo and you'll probably strangle yourself on impact because of the tight strap across your throat. But if you fall sideways, "instinctively" you put out your arm or hand.
You could always loosen the strap, I have seen people do this on the trails and done it myself! Have you seen the bmx programs on extreme sports with their helmets with loose straps, they go upside down doing flips? How stupid is that! and whats the point of that helmet?

If a helmet is to be something you should wear for safety, wouldn't it be better to have a full face helmet like a motor cyclist, than a stupid bit of uncomfortable plastic on top of your head?

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