Mountain bike season is almost here

Posted by Paul​ Walton on February 25, 2009 0 comments

The snow has cleared, (good riddance)! The roads are dry after a few months of constantly changing temperatures and enough cold and flu like viruses to send your body into complete meltdown! Things are looking brighter now, with clear skies and average temperatures of 10 degrees.
Although the anticipation and excitement of long off road epic bike rides in the evening sun enthralls me, I cannot help feeling the reluctance of going out riding my bike when the remains of nasty colds still haunt me with a stuffy nose and aching body parts!

At the whit week holidays I have a trip planned with my family to the peak district. We have booked ourselves into a holiday inn on the Lady bower reservoir for 4 days. I have a nice route planned out around the reservoir on my bike and as my wife and son are no mountain bikers I will be going it alone! The wife and son will be happy though as they enjoy walking, well my wife does anyway! But the photos will be coming thick and fast as a result.

I'll let you know how it goes as and when in a future post. My main focus right now is getting faster, fitter, over longer distances before whit week comes around!

I have some idea's for future posts that I intend working on soon, such as: Rock shox SL review, Sram's Truvativ Firex review, Racing Ralph tyre review, Marzocchi MX Pro Lo Review. Plus, a complete review on my trip to the peak district and lady bower reservoir with route and accommodation details. I am working on a list of .gpx files for download of places I have ridden, but as of yet failed to find any suitable free file hosting for .gpx files.

I have made a few minor changes to Fit directory for any sports related sites out there, by reducing the amount of personal info shown. Hopefully this will encourage more listings in the directory. Fit directory is very new and needs listings to increase content and then hopefully I'll be able to get listed in Entrecard to drive more traffic to it.......and to you!

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