Marzocchi MX pro lo reviewed

Posted by Paul​ Walton on March 20, 2009 0 comments

The Marzocchi MX pro LO suspension fork
The Marzocchi MX pro LO suspension fork really disappointed me in terms of performance and quality. And found it to be a complete waste of time and money. The fork looks good, but when you put the cosmetic aspect to one side and actually put the fork to good use, you'll be disappointed too!

What struck me about the Marzocchi MX pro LO suspension fork was it's lock out adjuster. Unlike the SL lock out adjuster it's construction was poor and fiddly to fit. Due to the poor cable assembly and it's fitments being a pain for failing.
Some forks give when the seals bed in which makes the fork feel and sound clunky, but not a problem for this fork. Another thing I noticed about it was, that once engaged the fork was completely locked out, not good for rocky climbs!

Marzocchi have started to factory install those unsightly V-brake bosses with super strength lock-tight! Trust me when I say that, "you are not going to be able to remove them". If you intend on using disk brakes, you are going to kick yourself for buying Marzocchi MX pro LO (or any other Marzocchi product for that matter as all those I have looked at have been factory installed this way!)

Marzocchi is an affordable option for beginners but I would not recommend it to anyone with a bit of clout in the saddle!

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