Sram's Truvativ Firex reviewed

Posted by Paul​ Walton on March 06, 2009 0 comments

Sram's Truvativ chain set, the stylo version
Sram's Truvativ chain set, the stylo version really disappointed me in terms of performance and quality. At first glance it was easy to say hell no, I'm not spending money on that chain set. Look at it, it's jet black as with all versions of the truvativ line. It came as standard on the first full susser I bought and it constantly creaked and made terrible noises under pedal load. It drove me totally nuts and after having it in the shop a few times and several "things" done by the mechanic I decided it had got to go.

But the firex is different from it's counter part. Yes it's black but the performance and quality must be on par with XT. As with the XT, sram use external bottom brackets giving you a solid platform for those long grueling rides, (as long as all the spacers are fitted!) As I found out before!! Missing or loose spacers on your bottom bracket, behind the bearing cups cause creaking noises. So make sure all is present and tight before hitting the trails, you'll wish you had if you don't!

As I got the Truvativ firex chain set as standard on my new hard tail, I had no choice but to give it a go! (After all my missus told me after spending a grand and a half on the "bloody bike" I could live with it!!!)

The first thing that struck me about the Sram's Truvativ firex chain set was no creaking noises under pedal load. (and I really like to push those pedals :-) ) This made me smile as I know it's construction and quality is rock solid. As I like to push heavy gears, as I have said before, this is of the most importance to me!

Another thing I noticed about it was, that shifting was smooth and second to none! Sram's Truvativ chain sets are not the best chain sets to look at but the high end one's perform really well!
Truvativ chain sets are an affordable option for beginners, but if you can afford it go XT and above!! (When the missus has calmed down a little I know that's what I'll be going with!)

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