Routine is key to a healthy mountain biker

Posted by Paul​ Walton on April 19, 2009 0 comments

Routine is key to a healthy mountain biker
Routine is key to a healthy mountain biker, so much so that my fitness is maintained on a daily basis from the food I eat and the commutes to and from work I make. Most people who ride mountain bikes, road bikes or other are fair weather bike riders. So when the weather "is bad" the bike never gets used, and out comes the car instead! This creates an inconsistency in your fitness levels. The same applies with food. You can eat good quality, healthy food one day and the next day you eat crap. Again creating an inconsistency in your diet which has a knock on effect in your training, thus your fitness.

Although training needs to be done on regular days for an hour or more it's not always possible for whatever reason. But as you have to routinely go to work every day, why not ride your bike daily to and from work! It's not always nice riding to work but it maintains what you have gained on those training days. I for one don't see the point in riding one minute and getting the car out the next, for my riding and fitness to go stale!

The beauty about riding my mountain bike consistently is that I do not have to play catch up from last summer with my fitness. By riding my bike to and from work, eating good healthy meals and riding throughout the colder months whenever I feel I can, I'm able to maintain a balance through routine.

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