Mountain bikes...1...2...3????

Posted by Paul​ Walton on May 26, 2009 0 comments

Mountain bikes...1Well here I am back again writing.....The Hubby is actually away at the minute in Cannock Chase with the Nephew..(which I'm sure he'll tell you all about in great detail when he gets back!) so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write a post without him being able to edit/delete it before anyone sees it!!!

You probably wonder from the title what I'm going to write...well it's about how many bikes can one person possibly need!!

You see I'm curious to know whether 1 single person needs multiple bikes?? I am one person and i have one's not great but it works and gets me from A to B no problems. I don't need any more bikes...i can't ride more than one at a time...i was only born with two legs!!

Then there's my hubby....he is normal..(well as normal as he can be for him) was only born with two legs...yet he has three bikes...that's SIX pedals!!!!

Mountain bikes 2
Ok..i guess I kind of understand why he would have a full susser and a hardtail..( ok so I don't REALLY understand but i get that there's a difference) but why on earth does he need two hardtails??? He would probably comment on this and say he only bought a new one so the Nephew could have his old one but that is only part truth...I know no matter what he says he would have bought that second hardtail...and I know for a FACT that he would go and buy another bike tomorrow if i said."Here you go Babe..take a couple grand to spend on a bike."...Now you're probably thinking...well who wouldn't...but he would then just add this to the collection in the shed and not dispose of one of the older bikes. At the rate we are going on..we'll be the ones living in the shed as the bikes won't fit!!

So avid followers of this blog who are into mountain bikes...please give me some feedback and help me understand the necessity of having to own multiple bikes or if it is in fact just my Hubby who is becoming a grave collector of anything that has two wheels, two pedals and is expensive???

Mountain bikes 3
Maybe also help me understand a little about why you would need a hardatail and a full susser, I mean, at the end of the day we still rode bikes in the victorian times and then they were ridicuously strange and impractable..and yet it worked for us....are we just becoming soft in this technology driven world??

Any feedback would be appreciated.....I'm sure my hubby would be happy if you made me stop moaning at him too!!!

Maybe it's just a man thing!!

Let me know.

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