Mountain what do I know??

Posted by Paul​ Walton on May 11, 2009 0 comments

Hi..I'm Tanya and this is my first post hereHi..I'm Tanya and this is my first post what do I know about mountain biking?? Honestly, not much...however as a wife of a mountain biker far more than I ever wanted to

I'm not, nor am I ever going to be a biker but My hubby absolutely loves it and to be honest this is fine with me as it gets him out of the house and gives me a break too...:-)

I know all the basics of course and a few more things besides like the pro's and cons of disc versus v brakes and full susser against hardtail, (and that's without reading the content!).

However I'm not a person who rides for pleasure. Sure I have a bike, just a bog standard one that came off a shelf, it gets me from A to B and that's fine. Being a wife of a biker means that I understand my gears are out of allignment (which is apparently why I get the horrible clicky noise) and that my tyres never have enough air in (which is why I always find biking such hard work). I know these things but not how to fix them which is when I become so grateful that my hubby is.. (and these are my words) quite fanatical about biking!!
There is so much more to mountain biking than meets the eyes and I suppose I could write it all in this one first post but then I would never have anything to write again so for today I'm going to leave it here, but please know I will be back with my own views of living with a biker, the pro's and con's of that and what i think can personally benefit you from biking as I have seen it first hand...oh and I will prob tell you something about me and my hobbies too..(even if I was specifically asked not to mention my allotment!!!)

If you didn't get it by now...I am SkipRatts wife!!

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