Thetford forest MTB trails

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Thetford Forest trails
The first time I went to Thetford Forest after reading reviews on it I found myself to be very disappointed, as the reviews described it as a place to go fast on flowing single track for hardtail bikes. When the trails were new the reviews would have rang true, but due to the weather we have had the trails have been ripped up to shit, creating very bumpy flat sections that used to be fast and flowing single track. One thing that I read to be true is that, "it is for fit bodies"!

My nephew Joel has just started to take an interest in mountain biking and asked me if I would take him to one my favorite haunts. I was astonished to hear what I was hearing due the gadget crisis with children these days! But quickly I got over my astonishment and said yes I would take him away with me! I wanted to take him to Cannock Chase but thought better of it due to the fact that Cannock is not for beginners in my opinion and a high level of fitness is required! So I said to him that I would take him to Thetford Forest instead to see how he would take to the journey and to the forest.

As I do not drive, I travel via train and the journey can be quite a slog and cumbersome, so Thetford was a perfect place to start Joel off. Brandon train station is 3.5 miles from Thetford Forest, a perfect warm up for things to come!

Joel really surprised me with the way he handled things, he rode a lot better on the trails than what he does back home, (maybe like me not being a lover of road riding!) He really thrives on the trails and in his surroundings, and his endurance really shine's through. He only planked it once and even after that still completed the trail. I thought that might be us done for the day then, but he was still raring to go so of we went again on another circuit much to my delight!!! What I enjoyed the most out of the day was seeing him smile all the time he was there.
In fact, the biggest of smiles was when we finished riding at the cafe. He saw a shiny new white 'Whyte full susser' parked up and he was completely engrossed in looking at it. I'm not sure what the owner of the bike was thinking, as he was glaring up at him, but it was funny to see and really made my day!

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