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Hi All..This post will contain, Mountain Bikes, Helmet Cams, Chain reaction website, Birthdays, Gifts and pro's and con's of online shopping!!

( SkipRatt keeps moaning at me because I don't have the right keywords in my opening sentences which is why I have done the above in a list format, now I can just write it how I want too!!)

So this was actually supposed to be a happy post bragging about the great gift I bought SkipRatt for his birthday but that is just not to be.
After much consideration (and listening to him rave continually on about them) I decided to go for a helmet cam so that he can film the trails he rides. Now you all know by now I'm not a biker so I had to go looking and reading other peoples reviews as to what would be the best to buy.

GoPro Digital Helmet HeroAfter much research and some help from my Nephew I decided on the GoPro Digital Helmet Hero. It had some great reviews, could do still photos, succession photos and live video so seemed perfect for what he wanted. It is the smallest camera available, (or at least that's what the reviews said) and comes in a waterproof housing which is a major bonus if you live in the U.K.

Then I had to find the camera and as luck would have it I found exactly what I wanted on chainreactioncycles and so placed my order. 4 days after placing my order I received an e-mail from chainreactioncycles saying there was an error and they did not have any of my item in stock and would refund my money...this took me back to square one with time running out.

GoPro Digital Hero 3 Camera in conjunction with the GoPro Grab BagI had another look on there site and after much reading and re-reading decided to go for the GoPro Digital Hero 3 Camera in conjunction with the GoPro Grab Bag as these two items together gave me the camera and mounts...sorted...or so I thought until the morning of his birthday when the sealed plastic packing was finally opened!!

GoPro Digital Hero 3 Camera in conjunction with the GoPro Grab BagIt turns out that the helmet cam has a totally different housing than the camera with the wrist strap making the mounts that I additionally purchased with this item a total waste of money. We have also found out that the strap that comes with the camera can NOT be mounted securely onto handle bars making my gift of no use what-so-ever to a mountain biker..or my Hubby!!

So there you have it...a perfect gift it was not. I have e-mailed chainreactioncycles letting them know all about this and I am waiting for a reply from them but I thought it was important that if there maybe was someone out there like me looking for a helmet cam that they should not end up making the same mistake.( on the other hand maybe I'm being totally dense and the mounts do fit..if there is anyone out there with a GoPro camera please help!!)..please feel free to go to chainreaction cycles and see if you think I have read the information wrong because if that is the case then I am prepared to eat my words however I have been and re-read all info. and cannot find anywhere that it says the housings are different or that the mounts are not suitable for all the housings.

I will let you know what chainreactioncycles say in there reply if I get one.

Comments always welcome.


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