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Follow the dog Cannock Chase' forest
Finally I decided that mountain bikers should ride follow the dog. If Thetford Forest was anything to go by Joel would handle it well at Cannock! We spent 4 nights in a really nice b&b and ate in the Wolseley Arms (just 5-10 mins down the road, just off the Wolseley bridge). Wolseley is 3.1 mile from the Birches Valley Forest center in Cannock Forest!

We arrived at Wolseley about 12 o'clock and followed 'the dog' by 2 o'clock, (not by My choice mind as I like to chill out after travelling!) as Joel couldn't wait to ride the follow the dog trails. So who was I to stop him! I mean, I've seen it all before!

The first time around the trail Joel rode it really hard and fast, I was very surprised because he did not do any training before hand. The following day we rode the follow the dog (again!!) and Joel snapped his chain which I was not prepared for!
Luckily another rider coming up behind us gave us a hand by fitting a sram power link,, thanks chap!

explore some of the 'Cannock Chase' forestAs we got to the board walk section of the trail, Joels approach and balance was all wrong and he fell off, somehow snapping his seat clamp bolt! So I took the seat stem out and we made a beeline to the bike shop. Joel wanted to buy something from the bike shop anyway so he ended up buying a whole new seat stem because you cannot buy just a seat clamp and bolt,,(what a surprise!!) probably not what he wanted to stop and check the shop out for but guess that will teach him to take a little more care!!!

I wanted to explore some of the 'Cannock Chase' forest and maybe find the so called 'monkey trail', but alas we did not find it because no one knows where it is (or they just didn't want to tell us!) So we decided to go to the downhill section at Stile cop. Stile cop road, a bugger of a hill that Joel left me for dead on!! When we got to the start of the down hill section we decided on the red route down. After dropping our saddles and making sure our suspensions were not locked off we began our descent. Never again on a XC mountain bike, I'm surprised I didn't end up with whiplash. This trail had HUGE drop offs, jumps and very impressive berms. We both made it to the bottom safely although, my bloody lower back was in agony for the remainder of our time in Cannock chase!

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