Buying children a mountain bike

Posted by Paul​ Walton on July 10, 2009 0 comments

Buying children a mountain bike is something that makes me very angry, not at my child mind. But the quality and prices at which I buy them!. I know that I have no images with this post, but I thought that as my wife decided to write about buying children mountain bikes and used photo's of the bikes I'm writing about. You would get the idea!

Kids mountain bikes these days are a complete waste of money unless you spend ridiculous amounts of money for them. The reason I say this is because if you look at them you will see that the cranks are extremely weak, disk and v brakes do not work properly, ie: they rub or sieze up all together, and the levers are to damn difficult for any children to squeeze!

Manufactures make, and shops sell these bikes to the parents from £99 - £400 with the tag that it's a "Mountain Bike". It is not a mountain bike, mountain bikes do not fall apart at the sight of dirt! These so called mountain bikes for children are being sold to parents and the parents are being miss-led. Why? Because when parents take these bikes in for a service because something has gone wrong. The local bike store will ask, "has this bike been off-road"? When the parent replies "yes I think so!". The local bike store would say, "It's a road bike, not a mountain bike"!.

Manufactures should spend more time improving the quality of budget bikes as low as £99 for them to deserve the tag "mountain bike". And parents should be aware that full suspension bikes for £200-£300 are not going to make you or your child happy, when the bloody things fall apart quicker than ridged bikes would!
Why? because cheap ridged bikes have better components than one with a suspension, front or both!

What the manufacturers need to tag these bikes as is...'Novelty mountain bike' least this way you know exactly what you are buying!!!! Something cheap that is going to fall apart very quick just like the 'novelty' pocket money toys the kids can buy!

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