Mountain bike cleanliness

Posted by Paul​ Walton on July 13, 2009 0 comments

Mountain bike cleanliness, is it needed after every ride? I was curious to see who does it and to what frequency. I refuse to clean my bikes unless it's absolutely necessary. the trails are really muddy, so my bike will be caked in mudI would however clean and re-lube the drive chain after every other ride. I used to clean my bike when it was new as often as possible.

Every so often I may go out and the trails are really muddy, so my bike will be caked in mud. Now I never ever hose it down after a muddy ride as in my experience I found this to be a bad thing to do. When using a jet spray or garden hose, water tends to get into bearings and seals. Which can work out quite costly when replacements are needed. I let any mud dry and then flake it off after.

When I have the worst of the mud off my bike I then remove the wheels and put the bike on a bike stand. With a bowl full of soapy hot water and some rags I start washing the bike down, then dry it off. With the wheels I make sure the the rag is semi wet, ie: I ring the thing out! The reason why I remove the wheels is so that no soapy water gets on the brake disks!

If I have to clean my bike this way, it gets a good going over! The cranks, chain, seat stem and jockey wheels on the rear mech gets a good degrease and re-lube. I find this is all a bike needs apart from the usual checks for ware and tear...

So how, or do you clean yours??

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