The annual viking challenge

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The annual viking challenge will soon be upon us and I am planning on riding the 50k loop, so some serious miles need to be done by me! As this blog has some, (maybe 1 local reader!) I am taking this opportunity to ask if you would like to join me as I am feeling very lonely when I do these events. :-) Seriously, if you are up for a laugh and don't mind stopping at all refreshment points let me know..

So what is the viking challenge? It's a 30 or 50k mountain bike event starting and finishing at Redmile primary school, Belvoir road, Redmile, Leicestershire.
The viking challenge is a sponsored event and the organizers choose the charity for the monies raised. Half of the monies go to the chosen charity and the other half goes to the Redmile school.

What I love about this event is it's open to all rider types, even children can and do ride it! You do get the racer's, but mostly it's family and the weekend warrior's such as myself who ride it. Everyone has their own reason for riding the viking challenge be it, breaking the land speed record for riding through mud, raising sponsor money for the event or other, or just for the sheer hell of it like me!

I find it to be a very long day in the saddle as I ride from home to Redmile, do the event then ride home again :-/ This is why I say some serious miles need to be done before Sunday 4th October arrives!
To find out more about the challenge, check out the viking challenge website

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