Winter Health Tip.

Posted by Paul​ Walton on December 13, 2009 0 comments

Well winter is truly upon us and with the chill of winter comes the cough's, colds and runny noses of the season...and that's without thinking about the different Flu viruses that we need to avoid.

So what can we actually do for the common cough/cold that will help us without putting loads of artificial chemicals into our bodies which may not work and often have those nasty side effects??

Well one very good step to take is ginger and I know this may not be to everyone's liking and it is possible to go into a shop and buy 'Odourless garlic capsules' or 'Essence of ginger', however I find that eating the natural stuff is actually a lot better as it has all of the nutrients there and nothing is lost in the processing.

I take one clove of garlic to the same amount of fresh root ginger..chop it finely and add a teaspoon of butter/marge and then it can be spread on bread, toast, crumpets...added to mash, put on jackets....or any way you fancy trying it. What I have given you are basic proportions but I do tend to make up a large batch in one go and then store it in the fridge (an airtight container is best....believe me on this one!!) It will keep for about 10-14 days no problem.

I have started taking this on a daily basis and I find that I am managing to ward off many of the cold viruses that are flying around the factory at work.

Another thing that you can do is, if you have a sore throat or feel a little chesty try honey and lemon juice in boiling water, It may sound not quite to your liking but it is basically lemsip without the chemicals. Honey and lemon steeped together in boiling water create natural anti-biotic properties which will help soothe the throat and chest. The benefits of making your own instead of drinking a lemsip, (or something similar) Is that you can drink it as often as you want without worrying about painkillers in it, and also you can take painkillers on top if you are feeling really bad. The quantities for the hot drink are roughly (and don't worry there is no exact science to it...some may want it a little sweeter, some a little tarter) about a teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of lemon juice, one cup of boiling water...double the quantities for a mug. When you have had will not matter if you adapt it slightly to your own taste.

One sure thing not to do when you have cold or coughs is to add alcohol to anything you drink...sure it may sound like a great idea but the alcohol actually destroys all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients on contact so you may as well have not bothered in the first place!!

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