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Posted by Paul​ Walton on September 03, 2010 0 comments

A while back I wrote about knee pain that was troubling me and a change in shoe may solve the problem, wrong!! For the last 12 months I have hit the trails 3, maybe 4 times and the odd road ride in between, (oh yeah I have a road bike now!), but that's another story....

The pain continued in my left knee until 1 night at work where I realised something.. Sports has always been in my life from an early age, consisting of running, weight training, Martial arts and boxing. So I must have a number of injuries, 1 being in my left thigh that gave me some grief when riding bikes.
When riding the injury would feel like a hot knife across my thigh and would tighten up as riding continued. I have also noticed that the muscle size and shape differ in each leg, more noticeably the "Vastus Medialis" that leads to my knee cap.
Whilst walking through the work shop I felt a sudden tightness in the rear of my knee,, "Semimembranosus". My first reaction was to bend over and touch my toes, to stretch, this relieved the tightness and my knee felt more relaxed.

I decided to start stretching before and after riding my bike. The stretches I do are just 2 basic for front and rear, so that's reach down and touch my toes for my hamstring muscle, then grab my ankle towards my buttocks in an upright position whilst using the wall for balance,(balance is one of those things that goes with, for my thigh muscle.
Since doing these stretches I no longer have knee pain if time is taken with stretching.
You would think that for someone who has been into sports for the best part of his life I would know how important stretching is before doing any exercise!

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