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Cannock Chase trails is the most visited destination in Staffordshire. With 28 square miles of "outstanding natural beauty" and a popular destination for all mountain bike enthusiasts. Lets see why, and what the chase has to offer...

Getting to the Cannock Chase visitor center for the first time was a very frustrating task, due to it's location. It can be easily missed, depending on which way you come from. When I arrived at the 'Birches Valley Visitor Center' and see the amount of visitors, I became anxious to get on the trails and hopefully have some fun.

I had been reading a lot about the 'Follow The Dog' trail in magazines and online, so it was my intention to try it out and see what the fuss was about.
As I entered the trail under start banner next to the visitor center bike shop, it was apparent that it was going to be one hell of a ride that would kick my ass the following day.

The surface of certain area's of the trail was very hard so the going was good and encouraged me to go faster, catching a glimpse of the dog in the tree's.
As I raced on like a maniac, careful not to lose an elbow on a passing tree. I started to anticipate every little turn like a child waiting for their gifts on Christmas morning but I think my excitement and shouts of exclamation could even put them to shame!

Spending a few days on the chase I thought it only right to explore and venture further afield. Once I decided on a route to take and got my bearings sorted, I found myself exploring the family friendly parts of Cannock Chase trails. As you can see from the pictures, the terrain changes from hard packed stone, soil to loose sand and stone.

Cannock Chase has pretty much catered for all mountain bike enthusiasts, so you will never get bored riding here. The facilities are excellent too and all the amenities are faultless. They have a bike shop, bike wash, clean toilets and cafe. Don't expect more than a jacket potato or toasties though.
On bank holidays take a good pack up or have some other means of food because those jacket spuds & toasties sell fast.
You can click on image to view an enlarged photo slideshow..

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