MTB day at the Ladybower Reservoir, Peak district.

Posted by Paul​ Walton on July 08, 2017 0 comments

Been meaning to hit up the Ladybower Reservoir for some MTB fun for years but never got around to it.. I had everything needed to enjoy my day, a new Trek 29'er and my Garmin to follow a downloaded 30 mile gpx route, so what better day than yesterday, a beautiful (and rare!) sunny English day.. When I arrived at the Ladybower Inn car park I needed a coffee after driving 78 miles among your usual polite, well rounded, steady drivers on the roads ( if THAT ever happens)! After that it was time for me to hit the trails, problem was I didn't have a route to follow on my Garmin, for some unknown reason, and I am positive it was absolutely NOTHING to do with me... my downloaded data just wasn't there!! Not a good start! Oh well, I'll just dive straight in with my superb sense of direction and hope I don't end up terribly lost or stuck in a peat bog and leave a shoe behind...again!!
You can click on image to view an enlarged photo slideshow..

So five hours and, to be honest...not that many miles later I'm back where I started....and I LOVED it!! Seriously huge smiley faces here.....think I may have taken as much time taking the photos as I did riding but damn did I enjoy it!!
The climbing was hard...the downhill was hard...the drop offs were big and the boulders were often like mountains....but I'm definitely up for going again.....shame about the long drive home ..but of course it was with all the same wonderful drivers that were so courteous on the way over!!
No doubt I'll be paying for it by morning .......

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